About me

I’m Rafa and I’m a Software Engineer focused on Android Development since 2014, when I first moved to the UK from my sunny hometown Granada, in the south of Spain.

I obtained my Master Degree in Computer Science at the University of Granada where I studied a lot but did not learn much skills requested by the companies out there (no web or mobile development, imagine that now!). However, I was lucky enough to work on mHealthDroid as part of my dissertation, which got me some Android development skills, an award, and most importantly, an internship in Brighton to work building software for wearable devices in a startup.

That didn’t work out as expected and soon enough I moved to London to work for a small startup called rippll as a Mobile Developer, where I had the chance to build a geo-location sdk along with some bespoke Android and iOS apps.

While developing both Android and iOS app felt cool, I got to a point where I felt I needed to choose a platform to step up my skills and that’s what I did when I joined Sportlobster (later renamed to 10) as an Android Developer. The company was super fast paced, which made me become a better develover (and comunicator!) real quick. After a year and a half I ended up leading the Android team.

After 2 and a half years of intense work (but very rewarding, awesome team) at Sportlobster, my body and mind needed a break. My partner and I sold everything we owned and traveled Asia for 6 months. The time of our lives with no doubt!

Back to earth around the end of 2018, I joined Memrise as a Senior Android Developer. Memrise is an awesome company with the mission of helping everyone to learn languages. And that’s where I’m at the moment, loving every minute of it!

More broadly speaking, I’m a developer who loves to learn new things and contribute to healthy dynamics in the team I work. Some topics that interest me are architecture, testing, multiplatform solutions, functional programming, Kotlin and many more.

How am I outside work? Very normal guy I’d say. Love making jokes. I’m into sports, specially football and tennis. Traveling. Movies. Investing. Videogames. And a huge dog lover, please send me photos of your dog to Twitter, the best place to find me and ask me about anything!